Newman, Captain

27.7.1796 capt Newman adv at Reveley's
James Newman Newman captain RN 1794, married 11.3.1798 St Geo East Stonehouse, Devon Ann Brace, captured at least 4 prize ships 1800-1809, will PCC 1812 of HMS Veteran wife Ann sisters Frances & Maria Newman, brother Charles, brothers-in-law Thomas Bruce & capt Edward Brake sisters-in-law Frances Paynes? & Rosie Bruce friend George Edward Griffith dated 10.4.1805 proved 13.3.1812
A capt Newman was listedĀ in newspapers onĀ 6.4.1786 as an arrival at Bath. There were also at least two army captains called Newman at that time, Charles N of 8th dragoons (capt 1783) and John N of 19th foot (capt 4.9.1795)