Newnum, Henry

9.8.1796 Newnham at Joseph Johnson's / 18.4.1797 again / 3.10.1797 mrs Newnum at J Johnson's / 23.1.1798 Newnum at J Johnson's / 6.2.1798 again / 29.11.1798 Newnum at J Johnson's K(ings) B(ench) P(rison) / 18.12.1798 Newnum at J Johnson's / 29.1.1799 again / 5.3.1799 mrs Newnum calls / 12.3.1799 Newnums at J Johnson's / 30.4.1799 Newnum at J Johnson's / 11.6.1799 mrs Newnum at J Johnson's / 15.10.1799 again / 26.10.1799 adv mrs Newnham at King's / 17.11.1799 mrs Newnham at King's / 17.6.1800 Newnum adv at J Johnson's / 2.12.1800 Newnum at J Johnson's / 2.6.1801 Newnum adv at J Johnson's / 16.9.1801 Newnum at J Johnson's / 4.11.1801 again / 2.12.1801 again / 21.7.1802 again / 25.8.1802 again / 4.5.1803 again / 20.7.1806 Newnum at J Johnson's, Pursers Cross / 4.10.1809 walk to Purser's Cross, dine with Newnum / 29.6.1811 J Johnson, Hunter fr & Newnum call
The will PCC 1812 of Henry Newnum of Dorking Surrey dated 7.7.1812 mentioned his brother-in-law Rowland Hunter of St Paul's Church Yard bookseller, (one of Joseph Johnson's heirs) but no wife, so she had probably died before him. Not found Henry Newnum's marriage but Hester dau of Henry and Hester Newnum was baptised 14.12.1787 at Dorking and their son Henry was baptised 2.4.1796 there, Lloyd's Evening Post 13.10.1800 Mrs Newnum died at Dorking. Rowland Hunter married 3.7.1802 at St Gregory by St Pauls Ann Bellworth widow of St James' Piccadilly who as Ann Kent widow had married John Bellworth widower in 1799 at St Geo Han Sq. Henry Newnum married Elizabeth Hunter 20.3.1820 at Liverpool (where the Hunters and the Johnsons came from - Rowland's grandfather Rowland Hunter had married Joseph Johnson's sister Sarah at Walton on the Hill, Lancs on 24.8.1752). Henry Newnum had been articled clerk to Henry Newnum attorney of Dorking in 1764, and had voted Mawbey in Surrey 1775. The first two entries above were probably spelt Newnham in error, but the two later mrs Newnham's at King's were very probably another person. The J Johnson in 1811 must have been Joseph Johnson's nephew as Johnson died 20.12.1809, and was perhaps too ill to see Godwin on 4.10.1809, or else at his house at St Pauls where he died.