Northcote, James

2.6.1796 Ne jr at Northcote's / 17.5.1800 dine at Milton Gallery with Northcote; sup at Hoare's with N / 2.6.1800 pere at Northcote's
This must mean Northcote junior but there is nothing in James Northcote DNB 1736-1831 to suggest who that could have been. Northcote was unmarried with one older brother and one sister. He may have had an illegitimate son or a nephew who died before he did, (otherwise they would probably have been mentioned in his will). The pere entry adds to this possibility as James Northcote's father died in 1791. In John Westbrook Chandler's letter to Godwin of 1800 (Bodleian Abinger c5 f64-5) he mentioned "young Northcote" which could of course have been a joking reference to the 64 year old. The N at Hoare's was surely Northcote, GD website has it underlined