Northcote, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rev Thomas Northcote of Chelsea proposed member 13.10.1780 by Richard Brocklesby 2nded John Cartwright
He was perhaps the Thomas Northcote son of Joseph of Newbury who matric. Oxford 1763 age 36. He spent some years as a chaplain in India but didn't appear in any Army Lists (full of half pay) despite calling himself a Chaplain in the Royal Artillery on his book title pages. There is a letter from John Bourke to the Rev Thomas Northcote dated 1776 in Sheffield Archives WWM/BkP/4/1/15 (not seen). His Observations on the Natural & Civil Rights of Mankind was published by Dilly in 1782, a letter by him is in A Collection of Letters (re: Ireland & Reform) published by Stockdale 1783, and his Remarks on the Second Address (of the York Associators) was also published in 1783. From 28.2.1783 he commenced a series of about 20 letters, in some of which he took issue with Edmund Burke (DNB 1729/30-1797), in the Public Advertiser, where on 16.2.1787 he appealed in sickness from Cheyney Walk, Chelsea for financial assistance, and on 24.3.1787 his death was announced "well known by his spirited and constitutional writings. He laboured under an asthma, and latterly under a difficulty of circumstances."