23.3.1794 at Hubbard's. In Godwin's 1796 list inserted above for 1794, not in 1794 version / 19.5.1795 at Jennings' with Ferguson / 6.11.1795 at Carr's / 13.4.1799 mrs Nugent adv at E Reynolds' / 4.5.1800 mrs Nugent at E Reynolds's / 25.9.1800 3 Nugents at mrs Plunket's / 12.6.1828 Nugent at Reynolds's / 30.7.1828 seek L Nugent / 31.7.1828 call on L Nugent (not in) / 1.8.1828 write to L Nugent / Godwin read te 3443 in 1832 unidentified on GD website
The Nugent at Carr's in 1795 may well have been the Irish artist and engraver Thomas Nugent as he was next to Martin Archer Shee, another Irish artist who came to England with Nugent and they married two sisters named Power, (Shee in 1796 and Nugent in 1798). That day at Carr's was where Godwin first met Carlisle and Shee, both of whom he met later with Carr, but he apparently didn't meet Thomas Nugent again. The two earlier Nugent entries were each in different company and the first one earned a place in Godwin's 1796 list alone among the company he appeared with. Thomas Nugent may have had radical sympathies, he certainly made a portrait of Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
The three L Nugent entries in 1828 probably referred to George Nugent Grenville DNB 1788-1850 (Baron Nugent). Godwin's L was often short for Lord. He was a whig of radical sympathies. The Nugent at Reynolds' breakfast in 1828 was probably him as well, as he was listed with Normanby and Morpeth, who were probably Viscount Normanby (Constantine Phipps DNB 1797-1863) and Viscount Morpeth (George Howard DNB 1802-1864), all titled politicians of liberal sympathies, followed by the poets Wordsworth & Coleridge, and Ralph Bernal DNB 1783-1854 another liberal politician and William Jerdan DNB 1782-1869 of the Literary Gazette. Two other celebrated poets, Thomas Moore and Thomas Campbell, had been invited.
The extensive work notes below (and I have more on paper) show how hard it is to find Nugents in a haystack.

Work notes: 
Maria Nugent (nee Skinner) DNB 1770/71-1834 diarist married 1797 George N (formerly Fennings) DNB 1757-1849 army / Deborah Charlotte (nee Dee) widow of George Johnstone DNB 1730-1787 = 2.7.1790 Sir Charles Edmund Nugent DNB 1759-1844 / Thomas Nugent French dictionary, grand tour 1774 / Edward Nugent MD Edinburgh 1780 // / George N Esq MP 14 Golden Sq (PCC 1795 Margaret N of Golden Sq) / Mr N Bridge Ct Westmr (PCC 1793 Antonetta N?) / Mrs & Miss N Queen Sq (Thos N PCC 1790 Queen Sq common serjeant of city of Ldn) // 1785 Wm N appr to Jno Wood cit & cook of Ldn / 1804 Garrett N appr to Robt Jenner procurator general of Court of Arches Canterbury, Garrett N bapt 2.10.1788 St Jas Piccy son of John & Lucy // Boyle's 1792: Sir Nicholas N bart 33 Orchard St bur St Andrew Holborn 26.10.1811 of Fetter Lane, Sir Nicholas Tyrell le Roux Nugent bapt 1747 Antigua, Guards, Solr Genl Ireland, baronet, died bachelor 1811 age 63 / PCC 1804 Edmund N of St Marylebone died Gibraltar (mother Mary Otto Baijer Nugent, brothers Nicholas & George both of Calcutta, half sister Frances Maria wife of Thomas Scott, half brother Henry Luttrell (DNB 1768-1851)) (1792 Edmund N articled to Henry Elderton attorney Bristol mother Mary Nugent widow, Deputy Judge Advocate Gibraltar see Morning Post 16.9.1802) (Nicholas Nugent1818 H6 Albany voted Romilly, Treasurer of Malta, buried 17.6.1840 Kensal Green age 67 from Notting Hill) (1792 Geo N appr to Walter & Esther Jacks merchant Bristol George Nugent = Mary Williams 22.4.1807 Dinapore, Bengal, died India 1820, Maria Campbell late Nugent will PCC 1835 wife of Wm Archibald Campbell & late widow of late Capt Geo Nugent & dau of late Capt John Williams of East India Company's Service, 3 sons, one Henry Nicholas, execs Eneas Mackintosh & Browne Roberts) // PCC 1811 John N governor of Tortola, Ireland / PCC 1812 George N schoolmaster South Mims Mx (son Geo, bro John, nephew Geo, wife Mary, her sisters Eliz & Ann Cope sps) / PCC 1813 John N Bloomsbury (wife Lucy, friend Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle, son Christopher Richard) / / Lt Col Edmund Nugent of the Guards, son of Robert Nugent Lord Clare by Miss Craggs, marr 1736, died 1771 at Bath s.p.legit / Margaret Nugent will PCC 1837 wife of James Hill of Dublin (married 1832), sisters Jane wife of Henry Barnewall, Catherine wife of St Leger Hill, Mary wife of Rev Jonas Wood, Lucy & Elizth Nugent, Richard Nugent of 58 Harley St, sworn to by brother Christopher Nugent / / Eleanora Mervyn Nugent will PCC 1825 dated 13.2.1823 widow, son Christopher Edward John Nugent, granddaughters Elinor & Harriet Keating, maid Morelle / Anne Nugent of Dublin will PCC 1823 formerly Bignell, wife of John Edward Nugent, son Nicholas Bignell deceased, sister Margaret Gordon spinster, son John Edward Nugent, William Kenny of Gardners Pl Esq, John Kirwan of Dublin, merchant, James McEvoy Esq bro of late surgeon McEvoy dated 20.1.1817 / Eliz Aickin (neeAtherton) wife of Dublin formerly Nugent will PCC 1815 married Samuel Aickin 1809 when widow of Michael Nugent late of Sallymount Westmeath, sister Catherine Richmond (nee Atherton) widow of Turvey nr Olney Bucks & her son Rev Legh Richmond rector of Turvey, Walter Nugent / Jane Nugent died 1820 in her son Lavall Nugent DNB 1777-1862 Austrian army /