SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Hamilton O'Hara original member 1780
GODWIN DIARY: O'Hara 30.1.1805 at H Rowan's / 8.10.1806 meet O'Hara (with Curran) / 20.9.1808 dine at O'Hara's (with Curran) / 26.9.1808 O'Hara calls / 5.10.1808 call on O'Hara / 15.9.1810 O'Hara calls / 29.11.1810 call on O'Hara / 4.6.1811 O'Hara calls
O'Hara at Rowan's was possibly John Hamilton O'Hara Alum Cantab (adm 1775) admitted Lincolns Inn 1776 son of Charles of Crebilly, co.Antrim. He joined the Society of Constitutional Information when it was founded in 1780, and John O'Hara of Crown Court St James plumped for Fox 1780 Westminster. Subscr to Works of Thomas Wilson Bath 1781 address 1783 as SCI member Russell St, Bath. On 19.9 (year missing) John Hamilton O'Hara of Ballyclugh, Antrim married Madeline Colet of Rowquan, Champaine "on border of France near Brussels" at Gretna Green. A Louisa Maria O'Hara (child) was buried at St Marylebone 8.8.1787. Charles Hamilton son of John Hamilton O'Hara & Mary Magdalen born 10.8.1791 bapt 12.2.1792 and 10.8.1792 at St James Piccy. 1793 he subscr to Poems by Rev John Anketell of co. Tyrone. .In 1794 O'Hara, then a magistrate in Antrim, got William Wilberforce DNB 1759-1833 to write on his behalf to the Home Secretary (Nat Arch HO42/30/102) saying O'Hara had left the SCIĀ  "when it adopted Jacobin principles". (On 19 or 20.7.1796 a John O'Hara buried St Marylebone. On 24.1.1798 a Charlotte O'Hara buried St Marylebone. On 27.6.1798 a Joseph Richard O'Hara child of Compton St buried St Anne Soho.) Morn Post 12.11.1802 died lately Mrs O'Hara, wife of Hamilton O'Hara Esq of Crebilly, co. Antrim..His portraits were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1807 by Emma Smith and in 1808 by her father John Raphael Smith DNB 1751-1812. (Gents Mag 12.12.1810 died the wife of J O'Hara Esq, dau of Joseph Clark esq of Englefield Green. Holdens directory 1811 J O'Hara Esq 30 Queen Anne St, Cavendish Sq.) John Hamilton O'Hara married in Antrim in 1819 Sophia Elizabeth Duffin. Morn Post 8.7.1848 on 6.7.1848 at St Leonards on Sea Capt Wardlaw of Royal Dragoons married Mary Jane only dau of late John Hamilton O'Hara of Portglenone and Craig-bylly, co. Antrim. Hannah Hamilton O'Hara dau of John Hamilton O'Hara married at Ballymacarret, co. Down 12.7.1864 James Scott