Palmore, William

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Messrs Palmore & Shakespeare ratebooks 9 Poland St 1792-5 / William Palmour glazier Poland St voted Fox & Hood 1790 / (William Palmore ratebooks 1781 east side of Kingsgate St Holborn) / William Palmore bach = 8.10.1780 St James by banns Sarah Wallis sp botp wits Edward Hatch, James Palmore / children of Wm & Sarah Palmore bapt St James: William 15.4.1784 Elizabeth 27.1.1789 Martha 8.1.1792 James David 7.4.1794 Edward 20.12.1795 / William Palmore (London Lives has Patmore) Portland st glazier voted Hood 1784 / William Palmore of Poland St painter (painter & glazier were often the same trade) took appr Robert Edmonds 1792 / William Palmore bankrupt 1795 lease of 9 Poland St & 2 Conway St, Fitzroy sq for sale by his assignees. He seems to have taken over the occupancy of 9 Poland St about 1790 so the two "Covent Garden ladies" listed there in Harris's List 1790 may have been his tenants or may have been put there by Stephen Garibaldi (QV*) the previous householder. A Sarah Palmore was buried 15.8.1833 at Bethnal Green