Panther 26.8.1804 at Tooke's / 21.9.1806 again
Jonathan Panther coachmaker White Lion Yard 74 Oxford St will London Consistory 1810 (Nat Arch IR26) sworn under £7500 mentioned brothers George & Thomas. He was buried St Andrew Enfield 13.9.1810 age 58. Signed 1792 Friends to Liberty of Press (printed as John Panther), contributed 1794 1gn to LCS for relief of families of those arrested for treason,1795 Friends of the People, 1795 Friends of Freedom steward for dinner (tickets 7s 6d), 1797 Friends of Parliamentary Reform steward for dinner (8s 6d), contribution to London Corresponding Society 1797 (Thale p387). 1799 partner with Robert Giles.  21.12.1802 Jonathan Panther had applied for passport to go (to France?) with nephew Thomas Collin  - Nat Arch PC 1/3117 (i). Kings Bench 22.2.1804 Rex v Jonathan Panther for Publishing (on the back of his Army of Reserve return) on 5.8.1803 a libel about government and "blackguard papers" (i.e.Reeves's Committee's handbills) his niece Mrs Margaret Dodds claimed to have written it with her own hand, Dr Andrew Phynn made some similar claim (Bury & Norwich Post 18.2.1804, Lancaster Gazette 19.5.1804, Nat Arch TS11/939). The libel included "This is the war of the rich, for the preservation of their property, against the sober, the honest and the industrious part of the nation." Panther comtinued to assert his views when he received sentence, for which reason his sentence was changed from 6 months in Newgate and £100 bond for three years' good behaviour (which Arthur Seale received at the same time for a similar libel) to 3 months in Newgate and £100 fine, to lessen the time in which he might injure those connected with him by his long imprisonment. Panther only appeared in Thale's book on the LCS as a contributor but it may be significant that one of his properties insured SunFire 1792, 1796 & 1801 was Horse & Groom Yard in Winslow Street (sometimes spelt Winsley), the Horse & Groom at 1, Winslow St having been the meeting place of LCS Div 13 in May 1794 (Thale p174)

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Robert Panther & Douce attorneys 13 London St Fenchurch St 1786-1788