mrs Parke 15.10.1799 at Joseph Johnson's / 5.11.1799 again / 10.12.1799 again / 31.12.1799 again / 27.9.1801 Parke at Hill's / 26.6.1807 consultation at Parke's / 12.6.1809 call on Constable, Park / 12.7.1809 Parke calls / 24.7.1809 again / 26.7.1809 again / 23.6.1824 Parke (Birmingham) calls / 31.3.1833 Parke, traveller at Pickersgill's
The four mrs Parke entries at Johnson's in 1799: Mrs entries at Johnson's were rare: mrs Newnum the wife of a close friend and mrs Hunter and mrs Johnson, probably relations were the only others among many dinners at Johnson's (see Newnum, Henry).
The Parke at Hill's in 1801 may have been Thomas Park DNB 1758/9-1834 who sold his books to Thomas Hill DNB 1760-1840, and mrs Parke was possibly his wife the composer Maria Hester Park DNB 1760-1813
The consultation at Parke's in 1807 could possibly refer to the special pleader Rawson Parke 1756 -1841 of Bloomsbury & Melton Mowbray, Leics.
The Park in 1809 next to Constable was probably John Park, partner in Archibald Constable DNB 1774-1827's newly formed London branch at 10 Ludgate-st, whose death (Morning Chronicle 20.11.1809) led to the branch having to close in 1810. The partners were Constable, Alex G Hunter, Park & Charles Hunter, which may explain the two entries below, with L S meaning Ludgate-st
4.10.1809 call on Hunter (Constable) / 23.11.1809 write to Constable: call on Hunter (L S)
Other Parkes to consider were Gilbert Parke 1759-1824 chaplain to the Prince of Wales who edited Bolingbroke's Letters 1798, and the oboists John Parke DNB 1745-1829 and his brother William Thomas Parke DNB 1762-1847 whose Musical Memoirs (1833) might be worth scanning for clues. Gavin Park (see Maxted) was a journeyman printer active in their dispute with the masters in 1786 who became a master himself.

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Holden's 1811 James Parke special pleader Temple / John Parke esq 67 Dean St Soho / Rawson Parke barrister Temple & Crowle House, Worcs / Thos Parke 58 Walcot Pl, Lambeth / Charles Parke baker 44 Northumberland St, Marylebone / Jane Parke staymaker 24 Middle Row, Holborn / Martha Parke, bookseller & stationer, 254 Tottenham Ct Rd / Thos Parke bombazeen & shawl manufacturer 154 Cheapside