28.12.1794 at Foulkes' / 1.2.1795 again /  17.2.1795 again / 8.3.1795 again / 22.4.1795 at Holcrofts (with Foulkes) / 29.4.1795 at Foulkes
Perhaps Thomas Parker admitted Lincolns Inn 1773, 7th son of Francis Parker of Sowerby, Yorks, deceased. Barrister of 11 Duke St, Red Lion Square in 1793, so a neighbour of Foulkes, 69 Gt Russel St 1797. He was named in William White, "Emanuel Swedenborg" vol2 p 599 as an attender of the Theosophical Society c.1785 also 1792 in minutes of Swedenborgian conference.
4.2.1797 Parkers at John King's / 12.5.1800 Parker adv at S(arah) Elwes / 13.5.1805 Parker adv at Northcote's / 21.8.1810 Parker at Guildhall / 31.8.1811 coach to Portsmouth w mrs Capt Parker / 5.6.1813 call on Parker, Oxford / 17.6.1813 write to Parker / 1.10.1814 C(harles) C(lairmont) from Parker / 1.11.1814 again / 2.11.1814 again / 22.11.1814 again
1813 entry Joseph Parker bookseller Oxford, and perhaps the next 5 entries above. No book trade Parker in London 1810 either in bbti or in Holdens directory 1811 for Tabart's bankruptcy proceedings at Guildhall. Perhaps an attorney but too many to choose from, and only noted that one time out of 5 or 6 sessions for Tabart's bankruptcy

Work notes: 
Law List 1797 attorneys John Parker & John Lee 51 Chancery Lane, Charles Elmes Parker New Inn, George Parker 2 Brick Court Middle Temple, Thomas Parker 15 Northumberland St Strand, John Parker & William Wix 14 Grevile St Hatton Gdn, Thomas Watson Parker at messrs Allen's 17 Cliffords Inn & vestry clerk of Lewisham Kent, clerk of the chamber oute office City of London Henry Parker Esq, agents for sheriff of Derbyshire Lambert & Parker 4 Holborn Ct Grays Inn