5.3.1796 Parkes at James Mackintosh's / 1.11.1824 Parkes adv at Rodd's / 5.11.1824 Parkes breakfasts / 23.10.1826 write to Parkes / 12.11.1826 at Hodget's sr, mrs Hodgets, W Parkes / 18.12.1826 write to Parkes & Bowring / 27.2.1827 write to Parkes / 10.2.1827 list of Rump, fr. Parkes / 1.10.1829 letter to Parkes
Samuel Parkes DNB 1761-1825, Unitarian chemist, of Stourbridge, settled in London 1803. According to DNB his only child was Sarah Mayo who married Joseph Wainwright Hodgetts in 1824, so the W Parkes may have been his brother. Hodgetts was Parkes' partner and the Hodgetts appeared 129 times in Godwin's diary, starting 13.12.1825, when Hodgetts junior called with Booth, and then on 18.12.1825 Godwin dined with Hodgett senior and on 23.12.1825 Samuel Parkes died. John Bowring (see 18.12.1826 above) was one of the executors of Parkes' will PCC 1826. It isn't clear that Samuel Parkes is the Parkes at Mackintosh's in 1796, especially as he was then in business in Stoke on Trent, but it's quite possible.