Parkinson, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Parkinson of Hoxton square proposed member 26.10.1792 by Dr George Edwards 2nded John Moore
James Parkinson DNB 1755-1824
GODWIN DIARY: Parkinson 29.6.1788 at Holcroft's. This is possibly neither of the James Parkinsons discussed in the GD website person record, but since Holcroft's other guests (except Godwin himself) were musicians (Shield, Clementi, and Bossy) this may be one of three brothers Jeremiah (d.1803), John (b.1761) and William (d.1834) all instrumentalists found in Highfill, Burnim & Langhan's Biog Dict of Actors &c. My comment has now been entered into the editorial notes on GD website