Parry, George

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
George Parry 1 Newman St Land Tax 1791-4 / Middlesex Sessions May 1782 George Parry and 6 other wheelwrights convicted of conspiracy to ask 18s instead of 14s per set of wheels, fined £50 each, Parry was at Mr Jell's coachmaker, Margate (SunFire 1788 Benjamin Jell coachmaker Margate) / George Parry wheelwright of Newman St took appr 1788 Wm Spencer / Whitehall Evening Post 3.2.1789 Old Bailey 4.2.1789 George Parry wheeler of I Newman St witness / directory 1790 George Parry coachmaker Newman St / George Parry coachmaker Long Acre voted 1796 Fox & Horne Tooke / London Gazette 7.5.1796 George Parry coachmaker of Long Acre bankrupt  8.11.1796 certificate / Daily Advertiser 16.6.1796 sale of his furniture, stock and premises at 130 Long Acre and in Belton St  / not sure which if any of the following apply - George Parry bach otp = St Geo Han Sq 30.6.1764 Elizabeth Haynes sp of St Thos Southwark by lic / George Parry = St James Piccadilly 17.3.1796 Mary X Jones botp banns / George Parry adult bur 21.1.1805 St Marylebone / Holdens 1811 George Parry Esq 1 Canterbury Rd Newington / Georgw Parry bur 27.12.1825 Holborn age 65 of Grays Inn Lane workhouse