Parsons, Mrs

29.2.1796 mrs Parsons at mrs Robinson's / 1.5.1796 there / 29.4.1806 Parsons at Tuffin's with Wordsworth, Southey, Rickman & Richard Johnson / 24.9.1808 Parsons's call
First two entries perhaps Dorothea widow of William Parsons, actor DNB 1736-1795. Parsons died 3.2.1795, his widow Dorothea married her son's tutor Rev Richard Davis on 17.8.1795 but he deserted her after he spent Parsons' legacy. She was one of 3 daughters of the Hon James Stewart MP for Wigtown burghs. She would have been technically Mrs Davis but perhaps still known, or preferred to be known as Mrs Parsons if her husband had already abandoned her