Pashley, miss

28.3.1810 J Johnson, H, W & P Hopwood dine; adv. mrs Topping, L(ouisa) H(olcroft), V(illiers), miss Pashley & Jas Hopwood
Kezia daughter of William Pashley (d.1807) wine merchant and his wife Mary born 1783, married in 1815 Frederick Betham, brother of Matilda Betham DNB 1776-1852. When Matilda Betham first appeared in Godwin's diary in 1813 it was twice at L Kenney's (Louisa Holcroft as was in 1810). She and miss Pashley were of a similar age. Soon after their marriage the Bethams went to Gernany & Russia and Kezia died giving birth to her fifth child in 1823 in Germany. Frederick married again and became a farmer in Hertfordshire, dying in 1841.