SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall nr Rochford, Essex proposed member 23.11.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded John Horne Tooke. Not listed as ever elected
Joseph Pattison (1756-1841) see below. His father Joseph (1728-1817) was still alive in 1792, but though Thorpe Hall was let to Joseph Pattison of Maldon, Essex in 1777 when Joseph junior was only 21 (Coventry History Centre PA/101/5/34), in the 1792 subsription list for Robert Robinson's Ecclesiastical Researches, they appeared as Joseph Pattison of Malden, Essex and Joseph Pattison of Thorpe Hall, Essex. After the son's first wife died, Joseph Pattison of Thorp Hall, Essex married 17.4.1798 at Hackney the dau of John Young Esq of Clapton (Express 19.4.1798). I think Joseph Pattison senior remained at Maldon. His proposer J T Rutt was brother-in-law (or perhaps son-in-law) to Pattison.
GODWIN DIARY: 20.12.1813 Day writes to Laver & Pattison.
Godwin was visiting Joseph Day, solicitor, at Maldon so this Pattison was likely one of the Joseph Pattisons above.
HCR DIARY: 5.5.1823 tea at home - W Pattison, Sutton Sharpe and the elder Crompton
                     19.5.1824 Mr Pattisson "means to article Howell to him"
                     13.6.1825 "to Mr Howell's - the Pattison's were all there and the rest of the family"
                     14.3.1826 Robinson saw Jacob Pattison student at Cambridge
                       4.5.1826 "Pattison and Will Pattison came to me" told of Mr Howell's business failure
                  28.10.1826 Pattison at Witham
                    20.5.1827 enquired at Mr Howell's about Mrs Pattison
                    23.5.1827 Robinson had small party in chambers "Mrs Wedd and Fanny W:, Pattison & W: P:, Thos Nash of Whittlesford & Jos Beldam"
                    29.4.1828 "Mrs Pattison at the Bloods in consequence of Mrs Thornthwaite's illness" walk with Mrs Pattison (shorthand passage)
                    19.7.1828 at Bury Robinson heard of (death?) of Mrs W: Pattison
                    5.11.1828 Pattison - death of uncle Howell
                 31.12.1828 "Joseph Pattison was once in the Army and lived in France"
letter 5.9.1830 Mrs Aders in London to Robinson in Italy "a call 4 days ago, of a Mr Paterson, who said he called at your request to say you were anxious to hear from me, gave me the same address at Rome, but acknowledged that he had had your letter full four weeks, but had been unable to call before in consequence of his close attendance on the Elections"
For Crabb Robinson's friendship with his fellow attorney's clerk William Henry Ebenezer Pattison (1775-1848) see Corfield & Evans (1996) Youth & Revolution in the 1790s. W H E Pattison (called Pattison in HCR diary) married in 1800 Hannah dau of Thomas Thornthwaite (will PCC 1808) and his wife Elizabeth née Howell (will PCC 1841 - called Mrs Thornthwaite in diary). They had two sons, William Henry (1801-1832) who was called to the bar 1825, married in 1832 and drowned with his wife on his honeymoon (called W Pattison in HCR diary), and Jacob Howell (1803-1874) who may have been the "Howell" in 1824 above. Pattison's wife Hannah died in 1828 (usually Mrs Pattison in diary but Mrs W: Pattison on 19.7.1828 above). His older sister Sarah (1760-1794) was the first wife of her cousin Joseph Pattison (1756-1841), whose sisters all married friends of Crabb Robinson. Elizabeth married 1780 William Wedd, Rachel married 1786 John Towill Rutt and Sarah married 1793 Thomas Isaac, whose mother Mary née Robinson was Crabb Robinson's aunt.