Paul, John

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
John Paul ratebooks 7 Batemans Buildings 1781 / SunFire 1779 John Paul gent 7 Batemans Buildings / John Paul gent Batemans Bldgs voted 1780 Fox  & Rodney / several people of this name lived nearby. John Paul carpenter & broker of Drury Lane voted in 1780 and 1784, John Paul painter voted of Exeter St 1784 and of Swan Yard 1790, John Paul gent of Bakers Passage, Jermyn St SunFire 1782, John Paul gent of Carlisle St, Soho voted Fox 1784 (ratebooks 1784 in King Square Court which shared a corner with Carlisle St), and John Paul MD of Bolton St, St Geo Han Sq voted Fox & Gardner 1802, this last was probably John Paul MD 1745-1815 (Alum Cant) father of Sir John Dean Paul banker and 1st bart, he was physician to Bristol Infirmary 1772-1775, at Millbrook, Hants SunFire 1779 and at Salisbury 1784 Bailey's directory