16.2.1796 Peach at Lauderdale's
Just a possible identity, one of the four sons of Samuel Peach of Minchinhampton 1725-1790, a silk merchant in London, director of the EIC, partner in banking firm of Peach, Fowler & Co and briefly MP for Cricklade before being unseated on petition. He went bankrupt in 1781. His cousin Samuel Peach merchant of Bristol was father-in-law to Henry Cruger and stood with him on a pro-Wilkes ticket in Bristol in 1769. His children were all baptised at Allhallows Bread St between 1757 and 1777. His son Samuel was born 1762 and was an EIC official at Canton from 1779 and married 7.4.1806 St Marylebone Amelia dau of James Baillie (his will PCC 1793) MP for Horsham. He was a friend of Lestock Wilson and Joseph Farington who in 1812 noted in his diary (p4131) that peach favoured government reform. His will PCC 1832 said he owned estates in Gloucestershire and at Idlicote, Warwickshire, and his older brother John had died intestate and without issue. He was Sheriff of Warwickshire in 1812. His younger brothers were William Howard Peach, and Charles Peach who had been an officer in Bengal and who inherited the estates as Samuel died without issue, and he did also (his will PCC 1837), and the estates went to the son of their eldest sister, Sarah Christiana Keighley. Both Samuel and Charles Peach may have been abroad in 1796 but they could have been on home leave.
The Morgan at Lauderdale's on 16.2.1796 is coded in the GD website to a blank person record. The GD website has a good analysis of the different Morgans under the Rev Dr Thomas Morgan, but the Morgan at Lauderdale's is hard to assign though may hold some clue to who the Peach is.