Peele's with Hodgkins 19.10.1805 / 28.12.1805 call on Peele's / 2,9,1807 again / 7.2.1812 Geo Peele pp31 / 13.4.1813 call on Sir Robt Peele / 23.2.1814 call on Peele's / 14.10.1816 again / 10.2.1825 call on Lemon adv sec Peele
Peele's was a coffee house in Fleet St. According to London Coffee Houses (Lillywhite) it was famous for its newspaper files, frquented by attorneys and noted as a haunt for moneylenders and bill discounters. Three of its proprietors were Thomas Gurney will PCC 1802, Alexander Remington will PCC 1806 and Mary Gurney will PCC 1823. Geo Peele that Godwin was reading in 1812 is coded on GD website to te1963 unable to identify, this was probably by George Peele DNB 1556-1596. Sir Robt Peele in 1813 would have been Robert Peel DNB 1750-1830, and sec Peele in 1825 was probably Robert Peel DNB 1788-1850 who was Home Secretary from 1822 to 1827 and who is mentioned in the DNB article of Robert Lemon 1779-1835 in connection with events of 1825