Penny 9.2.1800 at King's / 4.4.1802 mrs Penny at King's / 15.5.1812 L Penny at Lamb's
A Chancery suit of 1805 (Nat Arch c13/57/37) was between Catherine Penny plaintiff and Augustus Richard Butler Danvers & others defendants. There were several Chancery suits involving Butler Danvers often against other former guests at John King's like Robert Derville and James Stevenson. These did not necessarily mean that the parties were no longer friendly, there were various legal reasons for starting "friendly" suits. But it makes a fairly good identifier of Mrs Penny as having been called Catherine. The will PCC proved 26.2.1799 of Allen Penny of Hurford Place, West Lane, Walworth dated 29.5.1796 mentioned his wife Catherine. If this was her then the Penny at King's in 1800 can't have been her husband, it may have been her as Godwin didn't always distinguish women by a title such as Mrs. Unlikely but possibly she was the Catherine Penny who was buried at St Andrew Holborn 3.3.1805 from Grays Inn Workhouse. A Mrs Penny of Bath subscribed 1795 to Ann Wingrove (qv). A Mrs Catherine Penny late of 13 Charles St Portman Sq widow died 1.9.1838 will proved London Consistory under £200 dated 29.1.1838 executrix Elizabeth carratt of 4 Angel Place Pentonville widow, daughter of Mrs James of 3 Paddington St, the handwriting was sworn to by Mary Ann Bennett widow of 13 Charles St. Her death was registered in Shoreditch district. There was also a will PCC 1847 of Catherine Penny widow of Weymouth. I have no info at present on L Penny at Lamb's 1812, the name Penny is not in the indexes to the Letters of Charles & Mary Lamb