9.9.1807 seek Hepburn & Perks

The only Perks in Godwin's diary, and he never found him, so little to go on. Some ossibles: SunFire 1797 William Perks stationer 10 Duke-st, York-bldgs, SunFire 1808 William Perks stationer 21 St Martins-lane, bookbinder & publisher (BBTI) Mary Perks of 21 St Martins-la will PCC 6.6.1826 / SunFire 1809 William Perks tallowchandler 7 Wheeler-st Spitalfields, William Parkes or Perks tallowchandler Spitalfields will PCC 19.1.1797, William Perks gent of Bethnal Green will PCC 22.9.1820 / Francis Perks of Marylebone will PCC 14.5.1824 / Henry Perks of St James Westmr will PCC 20.5.1826 / SunFire1794 William Perks schoolmaster Pimlico 
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