Perret, Franz

HCR diary 14.2.1819 dined at Aders Mr Perret there
                 24.10.1821 dined with Aders Perret there
                      6.7.1822 at Aders "the afternoon was pleasant enough - the Sievekings, Souchays and Perret were sufficient for entertainment"
see Marquardt I p 24 n14 and II p 421 n 295 and p 462 n 356.  Apprenticed to the merchant Jonas Darfeld along with Isaac Aldebert and Carl Cornelius Souchay, Robinson saw him again in 1851 in Germany. Born 16.7.1770 son of Johann Jakob Perret from Neuchatel and his wife Anna Esther Johanndt he founded the firm Souchay & Perret with C C Souchay, they had a warehouse in Manchester and a bank in London, the partnership was dissolved in 1811 due to Perrets readiness to take risks. He died 2.6.1853 at Frankfurt. See Jean Pauls Sämtliche Werke Part 4 Vol 6 note 267,22 on p 860