Pettit, John

According to the records of Ann Smith's trial for adultery 13.3.1780 (London Met Arch DL/C/ & DL/C/), John Pettit was 17 and had been apprenticed to J R Smith for about a year. He stayed in contact with Ann Smith after J R Smith had banished her from his house. See Background Articles 3 Husbands, 3 Wives Living on this website. Brandes' Catalogue vol 2 p 56 listed a stipple of George Prince of Wales engraved by John Pettit in 1784 18"x7" (J R Smith's catalogue of 1798 listed a 3" circular stipple of the Prince of Wales after Gainsborough engraved by William Ward c.1784/5). BMSatires 7737 "Rehearsal of Jane Shore" engraved by John Pettit after John Nixon published by William Holland 2.2.1790. Other prints engraved by Pettit "Yorick" & "Harley & Edwards at the tomb of young Edwards" after George Morland. Whitehall Evening Post Thurs 3.6.1790 "Wednesday afternoon Mr Pettit, engraver, of Goodge Street, in a fit of insanity, threw himself from a two pair of stairs window. He was immediately taken, in a shockingly lacerated state, to the Middlesex hospital, with little hopes of his recovery. His mother had just left the room when this happened." Nearest burial I could find was John Pettitt adult buried 11.7.1793 St Geo Han Sq. Also John Pettit = Holborn 28.3.1796 Susanna Raby botp by banns. As for his birth the nearest baptisms I found were 12.7.1762 of James & Mary, Margate, Kent / 10.10.1762 of Peter & Mary, Independent Chapel, Deal, Kent / 18.3.1763 of John & Mary, Birchington, Kent / 4.7.1764 of Francis & Sarah, Abbess Roding, Essex / 14.4.1765 of Joseph & Margaret, Kent St, St Geo the Martyr, Southwark