Pfeffel, Friedrich

HCR diary 25.1.1832 Aders' thé dansant at Willis' Rooms, fancy dresses "the best sight by far was Pfeffel as Bunaparte - Tho' I never saw the original but in prints and pictures, yet it seemed to me a miniature to the life"
                     6.6.1832 "went to Aders - I had a disagreeable task imposed on me which put me out of humour - to show Pfeffel snr. the Courts - an ignorant and insignificant man whose conversation affordd no return for the trouble"
                  15.2.1833 call on Aders in Norfolk St "Pfeffel is returned - in the house is now Mrs Aders' niece whom P: is to marry, a very nice girl"
                  31.3.1836 went to Aders "Pfeffel has left them"
                  11.7.1836 Mrs Aders' bluestocking party "Pfeffel and his bride, father and sister"
                    6.4.1838 "Pfeffel from Frankfurt at breakfast an amiable mn who has married one of the Miss Longdales, in itself a good act, she being a portionless girl. We discussed the character of the Aders and feel alike towards them. He wishes them well but is afraid of too closely uniting himself with them. Mrs A: is a sanguine woman who sees every object with eyes of admiration and would risk substantial comforts through passionate adoption of plausible speculation. Poor A: the same"
                   2.4.1839 "I had Pfeffel at breakfast with me. The sudden death of his sister 9 days after her marriage had affected him. He gave a tolerable account of his friends in Frankfurt and spoke with reserve of Mr & Mrs A: It is evident he feels as I do"
Friedrich Pfeffel born 19.5.1812 son of Carl Friedrich Pfeffel and Maria Salome Müller, married Exeter 16.6.1836 Maria Adele Longdill, at least five of their daughters were married before 1870. His sister Louise Clementine Pfeffel born 20.12.1813 married at Frankfurt 12.3.1839 Johann Georg Jacobi son of Johann Conrad Jacobi and Johanne Elizabeth Juliana Soldan, died 21.3.1839 Heidelberg. Her husband was born Frankfurt 30.7.1811 and was probably named after if not related to the poet of the same name  (1740-1814)