Phillips, John

John Phillips of Fenchurch St proposed member 23.5.1783 by Joseph Brown 2nded Watkin Lewes
John Phillips age 25 bach of Stepney = St Marylebone 22.11.1774 Ann Drew age 24 sp otp by lic. SunFire 1777 John Phillips upholder 55 Fenchurch St. Law List 1782 in list of auctioneers, 1792 Sheriff of London's broker. SunFire 1788 Thomas Drew 134 Fenchurch St, occupier John Phillips upholder. Deputy member of Common Council London 1811. His will PCC 17.12.1817 dated 22.12.1803 of Fenchurch St upholder mentioned his wife Ann, his dau Ann Parker wife of Hugh Beavan goldsmith of St Marylebone, and his brother William Phillips and his oldest son William. A codicil of 16.7.1817 of Cullum St mentioned his late wife Ann, his sister Susanna Williams, and Eliza Vesey dau of Elizabeth Veset widow of Queen Elizabeth Row, Greenwich, and another codicil of 29.9.1817 late of Cullum St but now at Glasbury, Radnor. Ann Parker d of John & Ann Phillips was born 19.11.1775 and bapt 26.7.1779 at St Gabriel Fenchurch and Ann Parker Phillips of St Gabriel Fenchurch sp a minor married 12.7.1795 at St Margaret Pattens by lic Hugh Beavan of St Jas Piccy bach, wits J Phillips, Tho Drew
Phillips Esq of the Temple proposed member 13.6.1788 by Amos Chaplin 2nded Richard Sharp
One possibility was John Phillips son of John Phillips of Droitwich matric Queens Coll Oxford 1776 age 17, adm Middle Temple 31.3 1780 son of John Phillips of Claines, Worcs, adm Inner Temple 7.4.1788, who was in Law List from 1787 as counsel of 3 Kings Bench Walk, Inner Temple and from 1792 to 1795 as counsel of Marshalsea and Palace court. He married as bach of St James Piccy 27.1.1795 Emma Sneyd widow of Ryegate Surrey .She had married Rev William Sneyd as Emma Vernon in 1791, his will PCC 1793 made John Phillips his executor and left a legacy to Phillips' brother-in-law John Lewis, two of Sneyd's sisters were wives of Richard Lovell Edgeworth DNB 1744-1817.  John Phillips will PCC 6.12.1797 dated 23.4.1797 of Droitwich gent who left the lease of Golden Acre & Cherry Orchard in Claines to his son John, seems to have been his father but not certain, he also left his son John his chest of tools, ivory, woods &c in his shop, which may have been a toyshop. The father had probably married Mary Brook at Bagley, Worcs on 11.9.1753. Certainly John Phillips the barrister had a sister Sarah (her will PCC 1794 of Droitwich spinster), a sister Elizabeth who married in 1780 John Lewis surgeon of Droitwich, (his will of Half Moon St Piccadilly, PCC 1823), and a brother Richard. John Phillips lived at Hanbury Hall and his wife Emma died there, her will PCC 17.4.1818. Glasgow Herald 1.9.1820 John Phillips of Hanbury Hall Esq married niece of the late John Weir of Broughton House (14.8.1820 at Droitwich to Mary Weir). John Phillips Esq of Edstone will PCC 19.3.1836 mentined his wife Mary, his daus Mary Elizabeth and Catherine Emma, his cousin John Phillips, his Lewis nephews and niece, and his relation Thomas Taylor Griffiths surgeon of Wrexham. His daughter Mary Elizabet married Darwin Galton on 24.9.1840 at Wootton Wawen, Warwicks. He was the older brother of Francis Galton (DNB 1822-1911). As I began this paragraph "I think", that was because there were others named Phillips with Temple addresses in 1788.  Another possibility was Robert Phillips of Essex Court, Middle Temple who was admitted Middle Temple in 1764 3rd son of Thomas Phillips of the Middle Temple and of Longworth, Herefordshire. He was MP for Hereford in 1784 (historyofparliamentonline 1754-1790) as a stopgap in the interest of the Earl of Surrey (Charles Howard DNB 1746-1815) who had himself been a member of the SCI from 1783. He became recorder of Hereford and died in 1822 (Berrow's Worcester Journal 14.2.1822). "Esq" usually implied a barrister rather than an attorney,.but there was also a John Phillips attorney of 3 Pump Court, Middle Temple in 1787, and perhaps the same person, a John Phillips attorney of 17 Mitre Court Buildings, Temple 1787-1788 listed as a conveyancer 1790-1792 and as counsel 1793-1795, though I couldn't find his admission to any of the Inns of Court
John Phillips jr of Camomile St, Bishopsgate St, proposed member 19.10.1792 by Michael (or less likely James) Pearson 2nded John Frost
Daily Adv 27.3.1776 partnership dissolved betw John Phillips and William Cooke, smiths of Camomile St. John Phillips wid otp = London Wall 8.4.1786 Hannah Newbold wid. John Hester bach of St Stephen Coleman St = London Wall 16.4.1786 Elizabeth Phillips otp sp by lic.  John Phillips bach otp = London Wall 20.9.1788 Catherine Edmonds sp otp minor with consent of father Henry Edmonds by lic wits John Phillips, Hanh Phillips, Mary Edmonds. so these were his father's second marriage, his sister's marriage and his marriage, respectively. SunFire 1791 John Phillips sr and jr 13 Camomile St smiths. John Turner otp bach = London Wall 20.8.1807 Elizabeth Hester wid of St Stephen Coleman St. SunFire 1809 John Phillips sr and jr 27 Little Queen St, Lincolns Inn Fields platers. The will PCC 25.8.1808 dated 10.7.1800 of John Phillips of Camomile St whitesmith mentioned his friends George Eades of Camomile St coachmaker and Thomas Wakerell of Edmonton gent, his wife Hannah, his premises in Camomile St and in High Wycombe, Bucks, his dau Elizabeth wife of John Hester, and his son John. John Phillips of Bishopsgate parish age 63 was buried 6.10.1829 at London Wall. His will PCC 17.12.1830 dated 22.1.1827 of Camomile St gent mentioned his wife Catherine, his son George, his sister Elizabeth wife of John Turner, Jonathan Ward of Brentwood, Essex schoolmaster and Henry Sanford of Bishopsgate St ironmonger