Phipps, John Warner

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Warner Phipps of Wardrobe Court, Doctors Commons original member 1780
London Daily Post 10.3.1735 death of Joseph Cruttenden apothecary, father of the wife of Mr Phipps, apothecary Cheapside. John Phipps = St Stephen Coleman St 27.8.1730 Elizabrth Cruttenden. John Warner Phipps baptised 17.6.1739 at Old Jewry Presbyterian at the house of his parents John & Elizabeth in Cheapside. 13.5.1766 John Warner Phipps son of John Phipps deceased apothecary of London refused freedom of Apothecaries Company as not an apothecary so paid redemption in Fishmongers Company. John Warner Phipps merchant John's coffee house Cornhill 1763-1765, coal merchant 7 Wardrobe Court 1767-1769, 5 Wardrobe court 1770-1781. Bankrupt December 1764, superseded London Eve Post 7.3.1765. Gazetteer 15.12.1766 partnership dissolved with James Turtle of Milford Lane, Strand, coal merchants. Member 1772, of Nicholas Lane,of Socy for Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce. Daily Adv 9.4.1772 on committee to reduce price of food. Admitted to London Lodge of Freemasons 5.3.1773. Gazetteer 5.10.1780 (from16.7.1778) Court of Assistants of Hon. Artillery Company.. London Gazette 7.5.1781 bankrupt 13.7.1781 certificate. 1783 secretary to New Fire Office Lombard St (New Complete Guide 1783)