call on E Pickering 1.8.1802 / 3.11.1807 call on Bolton, Pickering / 3.12.1807 call on Pickering / 4.12.1807 call on Pickering adv Bolton / 5.12.1807 call on Pickering / 12.1.1827 again / 10.10.1832 Pickering artist calls / 25.10.1832 Pickering calls
When Godwin used an initial with a new surname in his diary it sometimes meant the person was female (but not consistently). Edward Rowland Pickering was an attorney of 8 Staples Inn in Holden's 1811 and also had a house at 37 Bernard St. But the only London attorneys called Pickering in 1800 were Ralph P of Old Fish St and Thomas Nelson P of John St Bedford Row (in 1811 of 14 Paper-bldgs Temple & E. London Waterworks office 16 St Helens-place).  In Holdens 1811 there was also a John Pickering attorney at Tower-royal. The only likely Pickering in the British Book Trades Index was William Pickering partner of Christopher Magnay (will PCC 1827) wholesale stationers of 55 Queen St Cheapside from 1799 to 1817. There was also a Joseph Pickering oil & colourman SunFire 1803 at 9 Hatton Wall, and SunFire 1817 at 15 Skinner-st Snow-hill. Thomas Nelson Pickering attorney mentioned above was in partnership with Henry Wright, and Godwin's calls between 2.12.1807 and 5.12.1807 include Wright on Wed and Fri and Pickering on Thu, Fri and Sat, but they weren't next to each other on the Friday when he called on both. Pickering artist of 1832 could have been George Pickering DNB 1794-1857 landscape painter but he was mostly active in the north of England