call on Picoux (with Sarah Elwes) 10.2.1802
The name Picoux so spelt I cannot find at all. Angelique dau of Simon Francois Ravenet DNB 1721-1774 engraver married Victor Marie Picot, printseller in St Martins Lane, and after his death received charity from the Royal Academy 1795 to 1797 (Farington's Diary). Antoine Picquot was buried at St Pancras age 40 on 2.10.1797 and the Rev Julien Picquot was buried there age 41 on 3.1.1802. An A Picquot was the author of Elements of Universal Geography, London 1813 and in the front matter of its fourth edition 1826 he was a Fellow of the Geographical Society living at Midhurst, Sussex