la duchesse de Pienne at John King's 8.10.1798. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1798 / 15.10.1798 de Pienne at King's / 22.10.1802 (Godwin reads) Pienne p.102 / 23.10.1802 Pienne p.212, (M J calls on do.)
Louis Marie Celeste d'Aumont de Rochebaron 7.9.1762 to 9.7.1831, duc de Pienne from 1780, his first wife Melanie Charlotte de Rochechouart was guillotined 21.4.1790 he then married (his mistress?) Francoise Fortunee Pauline de Chauvigny de Blot born 1761 widow of the Comte de Reuilly. (See Dictionnaire de Biographie Francaise under Aumont, Pauline de Chauvigny duchesse d'). She was known as a "bel esprit", as a conversationalist and musician, The DBF mentions her novel Les Deux Amis 1804, which was perhaps what Godwin was reading in 1802, and Godwin's wife Mary Jane may have brought and returned the manuscript (23.10.1802). After the restoration of the monarchy she launched a journal Le Bon Francais intended to help the poor. She died 27.8.1829 separated from her husband. Other sources give her date of death as 16.3.1844.