Pike, John Baxter

7.4.1795 Pikes at Foulkes' / 13.1.1804 Pike at Foulkes' / 2.5.1814 send to Pike / 12.5.1814 M(arshall) to Pike / 25.3.1817 M(arshall) from Pike / 20.12.1817 call on Pike
John Baxter Pike DNB 1745-1811 in his son's entry (John Deodatus Gregory Pike). Born 1745 King St Westminster. Lived in Netherbury Dorset 1797 - 1803. The Ipswich Journal of 2.11.1805 and the Morning Chronicle of 18.1.1806 reported on accusations of paedophilia against him as a schoolmaster. His range of interests (see DNB article) suggest him as possible for the two entries at Foulkes'. The later entries in 1814 and 1817 are more likely connected to Godwin's attempts to secure loans


on 22.10.2012  at 18:44 Hilary Pike commented
Interested to learn that my ancestor John Baxter Pike was reported in papers - for paedophilia AND he was a minister!!