Pike, John

(see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale pages 94 -97. Pike had been foreman to Lingham (qv), was breeches maker Fleet St nr Temple Bar, his wife's brother was Piercy, his sister died in childbed a year later, Piercy maybe the father. Pike ruined but recovered, kept pub 1812 in Old Bailey, his wife died, Pike ruined again, drowned in water-butt)
John Pike otp bach = St Giles Cripplegate 7.6.1786 Margaret Lapp otp sp banns sigs wits Richard Kentish, Thomas Ryan
Sophia d of John & Margaret Pike bapt 2.5.1787 St Clement Danes
John George s of John & Margaret Pike bapt 24.5.1789 St Clement Danes
Lloyds Evening Post 28.1.1793 John Pike of Fleet St London tailor & breeches maker bankrupt (certificate 9.11.1793)
John Pyke 1794 rates Vere St, St Clement Danes
Hester Pike age 40 buried 19.10.1794 St Clement Danes (consumption)
Margaret Pike adult buried 17.8.1795 St Giles Cripplegate (consumption)
Phebe Pike age 17 buried 26.5.1796 St Clement Danes (consumption)

The bankruptcy above was certainly Place's John Pike, the marriage & children with Margaret possibly his, the burial of Hester or Phebe was perhaps his sister. All the items below were clearly Place's John Pike. No trace of Piercy

John Pike = St Geo Han Sq 17.9.1796 Johanna Hart botp banns sigs wits Harry Hart, Jannet Hart
Charlotte born 28.12.1797 bapt 25.2.1798 St Gregory by St Paul dau of John & Johanna Pike
John Harry born 13.10.1800 bapt 15.11.1800 St Gregory by St Paul son of John & Johanna Pike
Robert Hart born 26.7.1802 bapt 10.10.1802 St Dunstan i t West son of John & Johanna Pike
Old Bailey 26.10.1814 Johanna Pike my husband's name is John Pike we keep the Pitt's Head in the Old Bailey, parish St Sepulchre, Robert their son
Morn Chron 15.7.1817 John Pike who lived in house of Mr Hart confectioner 312 Strand hung himself on Saturday in the cellar of Mr Hart's house where he was found quite dead in a sitting posture on a butter-cask, with a rope round his neck fastened on a piece of lead pipe in the ceiling
John Pike age 52 buried 17.7.1817
John Harry Pike bach = St Geo Southwark 10.8.1817 Martha Coventry sp botp banns sigs wit Mary Ann Fowler
Mary Elizabeth bapt 3.5.1818 St Andrew Holborh dau of John Harry Pike pawnbroker Ludgate St & Martha
Charlotte Pike age 32 buried 19.7.1829 Globe Fields Wesleyan, Stepney, from St John St, Bethnal Green
Robert Hart confectioner of Strand will PCC 10.9.1830 mentioned nephews Robert Hart Pike and John Harry Pike
Robert Hart Pike died 1879 agent for Camborne mine, Cornwall

Harry Hart LMA ACC/0362
Harry Hart Sun Fire 1792 pastrycook 27 Princes St, Leicester Fields
Harry Hart will PCC 3.3.1832 gent Sommers Cottage, Brixton Hill, Surrey