mrs Pilkington 19.1.1800 at Lanesborough's / 26.1.1800 Pilkingtons at King's / 9.2.1800 again / 16.3.1800 again / 26.3.1800 again / 30.6.1833 miss Pilkington at Gaskel's / 12.6.1835 mesd Gaskel & Pilkington

Work notes: 
Boyles 1800 Wm P Whitehall / W P surveyor of buildings Kings warehouse H M Customs 1790 / W P doorkeeper Excise Office Broad St / country attorneys Nicholas P Grantham, Lincs, John P Preston, Lancs, Spencer P Chorley, Lancs / Mary P DNB 1766-1834 author may certainly have been the miss P with mrs Gaskell in 1833 and 1835 / William P DNB 1758-1848 architect possibly the Ps at King's / Margaretta P widow late of Dublin will PCC 1815 mentioned brother Wm Mills of Craddox Town, Kildare, Sir Rd Keats (DNB 1757-1834), Sir C Dillon, two annuities from Mr Woodburn & Mr Street, to be buried at St Pancras, dated 10.9.1813 proved 26.1.1815 quite a likely candidate for the Ps at King's