Pinard 18.12.1791 at Holcroft's and 20 more times there till 24.1.1796, plus 25.117.93 Godwin calls on him and 7.7.1793 Godwin dines at his, with Holcroft
Nat Arch PROB31/1015/473 inventory of Jean Baptiste Pinard 1808 late of Oxford St, St Ann Soho bachelor, father Francois Pinard. creditor Rev Andre Benoitt Hardouin. sureties Rice Ives wine merchant & Wm Grant upholsterer both of Oxford St
Paul Pinard goldsmith 2 New St Covent Garden 1808, gent 9 Moor St Soho 1805 (Sun F). Paul Pinard goldsmith New St Covent Garden will PCC 1785 mentions brother James of Jamaica, wife Mary, but no children, and no relative called Paul
Pierre Pinard passport to France signed by Duke of Portland 1801 (Nat Arch HO69/13/38)