Pinkard 16.1.1799 at John King's / 30.5.1799 at Sarah Elwes' / 26.10.1799 at King's, mr Pinkard / 29.12.1799 Pinkards there / 5.1.1800 Pinkard there / 6.1.1800 at Fancourt's / 19.1.1800 Pinkds at King's / 26.1.1800 Pinkard there (?) / 1.5.1800 meet Pinkds / 2.5.1800 meet Pinkard / 8.6.1800 adv at King's / 3.6.1812 call on Pinkard / 28.11.1817 Pinkard at S Elwes
In her will PCC 1818 Sarah Elwes mentioned her friend Dr George Pinckard and since Godwin noted him at Elwes' in 1799 and 1817 this was probably George Pinckard DNB 1768-1835 who was physician to the Bloomsbury Dispensary from 1801 till his death. He didn't marry till 27.6.1817. The plural Pinkards and Mr Pinkard may have been one or more of his brothers, perhaps his older brother Richard, born c1764, married 18.9.1791 Margaret Letheuillier at St Marylebone, no children, deputy purveyor of hospitals 1804-1814, living in Brussels 1828 (Nat Arch WO25/771/107 online). Dr George Pinckard was deputy inspector of hospitals from 1799. A Richard Pinckard was tried for a riot in Kings Bench prison on 1.6.1791. Pinkard was unique among Godwin's friends in meeting him at more than one mildly disreputable venue, and it may have been George Pinckard who introduced Godwin to Sarah Elwes, whose first mention in the diary was when Godwin went to tea at hers and noted no-one else present. It certainly looks as if Godwin invited Pinkard to mrs Fancourt's, as he saw him at King's the day before. The DNB says George Pinckard lived briefly near Geneva with his brother and sister c.1793