Platts 23.3.1797 at John King's / 30.9.1798 mrs Platt adv at mrs Foulkes / 2.3.1804 call on Platt / 17.7.1810 again / 4.3.1811 Platt at Aldis's / 2.9.1811 (Isle of Wight) Carisbrooke Castle adv L Bucks, F Grenville & Platt / 2.11.1824 adv at theatre / 1.3.1827 meet Platt
The first entry is complicated by the fact that Platts is a fairly common surname, though coming next to Gadagnes suggests it is the plural of Platt, a much commoner surname. Mrs Platt in 1798 could have been the actress of that name (Highfill, Burnim & Langhans S.J.Platt 1743-1800). The Platt at Carisbrooke was apparently in the company of Lady Buckinghamshire and Henry Francis Greville, high society names in gambling and amateur dramatics. The Platt called on in 1804 came between calls on the attorney Richard Wordsworth and on Joslyn at Doctors Commons so may have been some kind of legal contact. Thomas Platt was clerk to the Lord Chief Justice and shared an address at 4 Serjeants Inn Chancery Lane with the attorney Joshua Platt. Another attorney was James Platt of 4 Bride Court, Bride la, Fleet St  (Law List 1800)