meet mrs Plunket 16.7.1800 (in Ireland) / 23.9.1800 mrs Plunket at theatre (in London) / 25.9.1800 tea mrs Plunket's / 11.10.1800 call on mrs Plunket / 9.4.1804 Plunket & miss Gunning at Hamilton Rowan's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1804 / 22.5.1804 Plunkets & Defrezes at H Rowan's / 15.11.1804 again / 25.7.1805 Plunkets at mrs Rowan's / 20.1.1806 3 Plunkets at Rowan's / 4.3.1806 Plunkets at Rowan's / 4.2.1807 Plunket at Hawthorn's / 1.3.1807 Plunkets at John King's / 3.3.1807 Plunkets at mrs Hippisley's / 6.3.1807 Plunkets call / 8.3.07 dine at Plunket's with mrs Plunket & son, mrs Hippisley, King &c / 29.5.1807 major Plunket dines, with H Rowan, M Hawthorn &c / 20.10.1807 mrs Plunket at theatre / 4.2.1808 Plunket at Hawthorn's / 15.11.1808 meet Plunket / 29.7.1809 again
The GD website has coded all the above entries to a person record Plunket but has not identified the person except that it was unlikely to be William Conyngham Plunkett DNB 1764-1854, with which I agree. The Plunket of 1804 whom Godwin put in his 1796 list was probably Major James Plunkett of Kinnaird, Elphin, co. Roscommon. According to an Ancestry user-submitted tree he was the son of Bartholomew Plunkett and his 1st wife was Jane nee Mahon (mrs Reddy of Jervais St who married him Feb 1780) by whom he had 3 children, Jane born 1782, James born 1783 & Patrick 1785-1868. In 1793 he was on the General Committee of Catholics of Ireland. He was obliged to leave Ireland in connection with the rebellion of 1798 and was arrested in London in connection with the rebellion at Connaught on 30.10.1798 (Lloyd's Evening Post 2.11.1798). His 1st wife Jane died 23 or 30.9.1802 in Baker St, Portman Sq, London and on 5.11.1803 at St George Hanover Sq he married Elizabeth Gunning DNB 1769-1823. The witnesses were Thomas & Jane Defries, Defries appeared in Godwin's 1796 list for 1804 next after Plunket, but in the diary only as Defrezes on 22.5.1804. (Will of Thomas Defries PCC 1825 Madras). According to the DNB Elizabeth Gunning was an only child so the miss Gunning at Rowan's on 9.4.1804 was probably her, introduced to Godwin by her literary name although she was already married to Plunkett, and she was probably part of the subsequent plural Plunkets. She died 20.7.1823 at Long Melford, their children were Coventry Plunkett, James Gunning Plunkett died 1849, two twins, and George Argyll Plunkett born 1811, and their son Gunning Plunkett later got into trouble in Ireland when a neighbour called him "a rebel and the son of a rebel". A James Plunkett was of 71 Ewer St, Southwark, Sun Fire 1807 and was assessed for Land Tax there in 1808 and at Elliot's Row, St Geo Martyr Southwark in 1809. Major Plunkett died before 1832. The identity of mrs Plunket in Dublin & London in 1800 I'm unsure of, maybe she was related to Major James Plunket but there were many other Plunketts, mostly in Ireland. A Mrs Plunkett was mentioned in newspapers as giving fashionable parties. On 2.9.1809 John King prosecuted a Mrs Plunkett for forgery, as did a Mr Northwood on 19.10.1809. This could have been Elizabeth nee Gunning, or the mrs Plunkett of 1800, or another, but the Plunketts at King's in 1807 seem to have been linked, via Hawthorns & Hippisleys, with both King and Rowans