15.11.1811 call on Pocock / 28.1.1812 again / 10.2.1812 again / 17.2.1812 again / 3.5.1812 Poole's, music, Pocock &c / 23.11.1813 dine at Poole's, w. Pocock &c
Possibly Isaac Innes Pocock DNB 1782-1835 who as a playwright like Poole would have been in context at Poole's two theatrical gatherings. Godwin first noted Poole at the theatre the night after he first called on Pocock
16.6.1813 sup at S(arah) E(lwes)'s, w. capt. Pocock / 14.8.1813 sup at S(arah) E(lwes)'s, w. Pococks
Quite likely Nicholas Pocock, captain of the Princess Mary packet, who married Elizabeth Carne at Falmouth, Cornwall in 1811 and baptised sons there in 1814, 1815 and 1817. Sarah Elwes' first husband Haynes was a sea captain as was her cousin Oake. Capt Pocock was likely a cousin of Isaac Pocock above whose father was called Nicholas and was a sea captain