HCR diary 19.6.1824 at Aders "Sir Charles and Lady Pocock - she an horrible person"
                     2.5.1832 at the Aders "from whom I heard that the last letter of Mrs Leigh had put an end to all endeavours of Sir G: Pocock to reconcile them"
                     4.4.1839 at Mrs Robson's "Lady Pocock I had seen at the Aders"
On 5.9.1820 Susan Barbara kelly (sister of Mrs Aders first husband) married George Bartholomew Pocock of York Street, Marylebone at All Hallows, Barking, and her husband was knighted (as Captain of Gentleman Pensioners) on 8.8.1821. See Griggs, Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, letters 1578, 1579, 1586 and 1609 for Coleridge's hopes of a sinecure as Paymaster to the Gentleman Pensioners in which Sir George Pocock is referred to as Mrs Aders' brother in law (not to be confused with Sir George Pocock 1765-1840). George Bartholomew Pocock was son of Thomas Pocock gent of Langley Farm, Hampstead Norris, Berkshire whose will was proved PCC 1831 and who had married Ann Bartholomew at Aldworth, Berks on 30.10.1775. In the 1851 census the Pococks were living at York Street and Lady Pocock's age was given as 74, born St George Somerset. However her burial record on 26.3.1854 gave her age as "about 86".