Poland Street number not known

These are people referred to as being of Poland Street but where I haven't discovered which house they lived in
12.10.1768 Lord Morton sent to Mr Davidson of Poland St whom he imagined to be a notary (Henry Davidson agent Poland St directories 1765-70 Brewer St Golden Sq 1771-76 and at Mr Ross's, Conduit St Hanover Sq, will PCC Henry Davidson 1781) / 15.11.1769 List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Mr Charles Burney, Mr Henry Davidson, Agent, James Glenn, Esq (quite likely James Glen DNB 1701-1777 his will PCC 1777 and dated that year gave his address as Golden Square), Mr Joseph Reynardson, Wine Merchant (quite likely a grandson of Sir Abraham Reynardson DNB 1590-1661, son of his son Joseph & wife Ann born Tottenham 1703 married Tewin, Herts 17.4.1727 Audrey Proby see will PCC 1730 of his aunt Dame Mary Barnardiston, maybe memorial in Tottenham church) / 2.1.1770 Hugh Fergusson Esq lately arrived from Antigua died in Poland St  (Hugh Ferguson adult bur St James 22.12.1770 & see Nat Arch ADM 106/1194/15) / Robert Pringle Esq Poland St subscribed (1771?) to Dramatic Works of Mark Anthony Meilan / 8.9.1773 letter from Daniel Perreau to Margaret Caroline Rudd in "Authentic Anecdotes &c" Dublin 1776 page 222 oblique reference to Poland St / 4.4.1774 St James Chronicle John Snelgrove formerly a contractor for the army, died at his house in Poland St (John son of John & Mary Snelgrove bapt  4.1.1767 St James) / 22.4.1774 Daily Advertiser ad for lost dog c/o Post Office in Poland St / Thomas White gunmaker Poland St voted Mountmorres & Mahon (SunFire 1780 TW gunsmith 12 Little Windmill St, Haymarket TW gunsmith Down St, St Geo Han Sq voted 1788 Hood 1790 Hood & Tooke, probably baptised of Thomas & Sarah at St James Thomas 1772 William 1776 Esther 1778 at St Geo HanSq Martha 1781 Thomas 1783  James 1784 George 1786 Charles 1788) / 1775 The properties and effects of the genuine poudre unique, affidavit of John Berrington, chairman to Lord Byron of Poland Street (Mary Elizabeth dau of John & Mary Berrington bapt 1768 St James) / 6.9.1775 Lloyd's Evening Post medicine sold at Babs, Poland St (Martha Babbs adult bur 5.8.1788 John Babbs adult bur 2.1.1790 St James) / 30.9.1775 Paravicini Mawhood (QV*) "An Address to the Public" signed Poland St / 6.6.1776 Daily Advertiser ad for sale of effects of Mr Johnstone no 8 on the west side of Poland St (no 8 was on the east side) / Daily Advertiser 7.8.1777 house with bow-window fronting Gt Marlborough St let furnished to Paul Wentworth (QV*) for £110 p.a. / 26.12.1777 Daily Advertiser  "Philip Hazeland Esq a diamond merchant died in Poland St " 4.3.1773 Middlesex Journal Philip Hazeland Esq in Poland St Gents Mag 155 Philip Hazeland of Poland St diamond merchant died.4.3.1773, Philip Hazeland of Gerrard St Soho former consul died 26.2.1771 Philip Hazeland former consul at Scandaroon (Iskanderun) died 3.11.1769 also 16.10.1768 there is something odd about these 5 different reported deaths in newspapers and magazines, I have found nothing else about a Philip Hazeland) / 1777 / Mrs Harley (QV*) Poland St subsribed to Mary Deverell's Sermons 1777 / 7.2.1778 Daily Advertiser John Brickland (QV*) journeyman carpenter 28 yrs old lived in Little Poland St deserted wife and family ad from St Geo Han Sq workhouse / 9.4.1778 Daily Advertiser leasehold estates of Joseph Martin (QV*) Esq deceased for sale, two at Clapham Common, and a ground rent of twelve houses in Poland St, Oxford St & Harris's Court / SunFire 1778 Mary Limm (QV*) widow matron of St James Infirmary Poland St / SunFire 1778 William Pearse Esq Poland St,  William Pearse Hog La Soho ratebooks 1780, SunFire 1785 William Pearse schoolmaster 37 Rathbone Pl / SunFire 1780 Jn Schreder (QV*) cabinet maker Poland St / Daniel Jones (QV*) Poland St voted 1780 Rodney & Lincoln / Old Bailey 28.6.1780 trial of Thomas John Maskall apothecary, Sir Thomas Mills (QV*) witness had never been in Maskall's company but knew him by sight, having lived in his neighbourhood six or seven years "I have a house in Poland Street, he lives not a great distance from that" / SunFire 1782 Wm Armstrong (QV*) hairdresser Poland St / Whitehall Evening Post 22.6.1782 Married Capt Hill of Lord Harrington's regiment to Miss Charlton of Poland St 19.6.1782 (John Forster Hill who = 2ndly St Clement Danes 27.12.1792 Sarah Anna Molesworth, his will PCC 1801, a Priscilla dau of Joseph & Sarah Charlton was bapt 1753 St James) / Robert Parkinson (QV*) victualler Poland St voted 1784 Fox / 17.5.1786 Morning Chronicle James Beyer of Gt Poland St cabinet maker bankrupt, cert 22.3.1788 his address was 13 Broad St, the corner of Poland St where he paid rates through the 1780s / 8.9.1787 St James Chronicle "a young man, a foreigner, of the name of Lefevre" examined for "being concerned with the Servant of a French Lady, who lodged in the same House with Le Fevre, in Poland Street, and who is gone to France, in robbing the Lady of a Duplicate of a Gold Watch, Gold Chain and Seals, which he redeemed and made his own" "also several Gold Seals from Captain Bartlet, of the East India Company's service, who lodged in the same house"."Lefevre it seems, had been sent to London by the Duc de Lauzun, (who brought him up) to learn English and Accounts; he was then to have been placed with Sir Robert Herries" 5.9.1787 John Lefevre committed by Nathaniel Bond on oath of John Bartlett (QV*) Esq 15.9.1787 Middlesex Sessions Receiving Stolen Goods Guilty imprisoned 1 month / 18.9.1788 Westminster coroners jury Thos Blanchet (QV*) victular Poland St / World 20.10.1790 Sir Chaloner Ogle (1726-1816 Wikipedia) arrived in Poland St from his family seat at Worthy nr Winchester /1793 Mr Mann Poland St subscibed to J C Cross The Insolvent Debtor / 29.4.1793 Du Bergier of Poland St to Wm Huskisson of the Alien Office (search for "du bergier" on Nat Arch Discovery catalogue 28 items all relevant) / True Briton 5.7.1794 Marchioness de Marnesia (QV*) an emigrant died last week at her lodgings in Poland St. She "possessed very great talents in the art of Painting" / 2.7.1795 Middlesex Session William Kettle (QV*) of Poland St Soho witness to release / 16.9.1795 Old Bailey Robert Hoyle, who lived in Poland St in testimony of his nephew Robert Edmunds, a painter who lodged at Peter Kavener's in Oxford St / 1797 Mr M'Cullock, Poland St, governor for life of Female Charity Scool St Pancras (in A Brief Account of the Charity School &c) / 24.1.1798 Westminster coroners jury John Spinks breeches Poland St (SunFire 1796 John Spinks gent 14 Broad St - corner of Poland St - John Spinks breeches maker of Charles St voted 1790 Hood, of Broad St voted 1796 Fox & Gardner SunFire 1810 John Spinks gent 14 Broad St also insured 57 Poland St 1817 will PCC John Spinks of Lower James St wife Maria ratebooks1796-1812 Broad St 1813-20 57 Poland St bur St James 8.4.1815 of Broad St age 74) / 1799 Linnaean Society Marie Jean Baptiste Nicholas D'Aine Poland St (Dictionnaire Biographique Francaise 1730-1804) intendant of Tours &c emigre 1791 to 1801 / 1803 Nat Arch PROB 18/110/13 lawsuit Correge v Brownbill re: deceased Mary Correge (QV*) formerly of Castle St, St Werburgh, Dublin, then (!762) of Poland St at the Gold Lamp near Golden Square, then of Sloane St, Chelsea, wife of John Correge