Pollard, Robert

ROBERT POLLARD 1755/6-1839
SUGGESTED ADDITION <In 1794 he was suspected of membership of Republican societies by Alexander Cumming of Pentonville, watchmaker and informant of Alexander Brodie, MP.>
NOTES Nat Arch HO42/29/210
SUGGESTED ADDITION <Three of his unmarried daughters were described as needleworkers in Islington in the 1841 census, but by 1851 as annuitants.>
NOTES 1841 Islington, Catherine Pollard age 60, Ann do age 45, Iley do age 35 / 1851 24 Park St Islington, Catherine Pollard age 71, Iley do age 50 / 1871 72 Hulton St, Islington, Iley Pollard age 70