see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
Land Tax 7 Newman St empty 1795-6 / Daily Advertiser 9.1.1796 Mrs Pomier's ladies boarding school moved from Berners St to 7 Newman St opening 14.1.1796 / Daily Advertiser 5.5.1796 effects of ladies boarding school for sale 7 Newman St / presumably too short a stay to have been caught by the rate collector
Abraham Riorto = 13.10.1741 St Martin i t Fields Ann Mary Rafugeau / Peter Herve otp = Soho 29.3.152 Susannah Riorto of St Giles i t Fields by lic / Joseph Saunders bach = St Mgt Westminster 20.2.1773 Anna Maria Riorto sp botp wits Abraham Riorto, Susanna Flack / John Pomier, Frith St subscr 1771 to Montague's History of England / John Pomier = St Geo Han Sq 12.11.1774 Sophia Susannah Riorto botp wits Abraham Riorto, Martha Bolt / Sophia Pomier schoolmistress St Marylebone took appr Ann Hamilton 5.1.1782 for 4 yrs premium £20 / Mrs Pomier Berners St subscr 1785 to Lucy Peacock's Six Princesses / Morning Herald 3.2.1786 Mrs Pomier's school 12 Berners St / Morning Herald 16.1.1788 Mrs Pomier's school ad for French teacher must be of Protestant religion / World 16.7.1789 school moved to 60 Berners St / John Pomier governor of Benevolent Institution (home births for poor married women) 1792 60 Berners St 1794 59 Berners St / 1793 Nat Arch HO 42/26/327 f 876 John Pomier of Berners St reported combination of journeyman bakers / Morning Herald 3.8.1793 school moved to 59 Berners St / Oracle 23.10.1795 John Pomier of Berners St jeweller bankrupt, 26.12.1795 certificate granted / see para above for move to Newman St / Daily Advertiser 22.7.1796 ad for usher to academy, apply 7 Newman St (probably related to Rev Clement Ryan QV* rather than Mrs Pomier) / SunFire 3.10.1796 John Pomier jeweller 56 Gt Portland St / Morning Post 9.3.1810 Mrs Pomier 30 Cleveland St, Fitzroy Sq, ran day school many years in Portland St, had paralytic stroke 6 months ago, age 60 / will PCC 10.11.1820 Sophia Pomier late of Dorset St, St Marylebone dated 4.9.1816 many bequests of portraits, religious books, and furniture, incuding to goddaughter Sophia Herve, nephews Robert, Thomas & Joseph Saunders, Misses Sarah & Esther Brown (of Diana Pl, New Rd, nr Fitzroy Sq 1820), George & Marian Wirgman and Misses Marian & Louisa Wirgman, servant Sarah Jupe exec, late valued friend Mr Bacon (probably John Bacon DNB 1740-1799 sculptor - one bequest was a copy of Memoirs of Mr Bacon -  book of this title written by R.Cecil 1801) /  for Joseph Saunders and Peter Herve see Daphne Foskett, A Dictionary of British Miniature Painters, also the Miss Browns. Sophia Pomier's will is a treasury of miniature painters e.g. Rebecca Booty. Wirgman (who were jewellers) and Booty were (rare) names that featured among RA exhibitors later in 19th century.