Powlett, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rev Charles Powlett proposed member 1.2.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen. He took on Denbighshire with Jackson Barwis for tract distribution
Charles Powlett 1728-1809 was the eldest of three illegitimate sons of Charles Powlett 3rd Duke of Bolton (DNB 1685-1754) and Lavinia Fenton (DNB 1710-1760) the actress who first played Polly Peachum in the Beggars Opera. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge and was ordained priest on 9.6.1754, shortly after his father's death. He married as bach on 23.3.1755 at Greenwich by lic Elizabeth Gunman sp.botp. Her father James Gunman of Dover will PCC 30.6.1756 dated 29.5.1755 said he had given a "very ample and genteel fortune" to his dau on her marriage with Powlett. Charles Powlett was chaplain to his cousins Charles 5th duke of Bolton who died 1765 and Harry 6th duke (DNB 1720-1794). According to Al Cantab he became curate of Itchen Abbas, Hants in 1763 . According to the article in DNB on Hambledon cricket club he supplied much of its enthusiasm and leadership, and he was one of the committee on 25.2.1774 who revised the rules of cricket. The 6th duke of Bolton supported John Wilkes and criticised the war in America which perhaps accounts for his chaplain's membership of the SCI. Powlett became rector of Winslade, Hants on 30.5.1782. He passed it on to his nephew Charles Powlett on 23.9.1789 who was also chaplain in ordinary to the Prince of Wales (Pub Adv 16.8.1790) and Charles senior received a rectory in Looe, Cornwall. His nephew, son of his brother Percy (Lt RN 1756) may have differed from him in politics and published in 1792 his sermon on "The danger of too great indulgence in speculative opinions". Charles senior's first wife's will was proved PCC 27.2.1792 Elizabeth Powlett wife of Itchen, Hants, mentioning no children and leaving much of her disposable income to her husband who was also the executor. One of the witnesses was Ann Moriat of Alresford. Charles Powlett senior married by banns at St Pancras on 25.4.1792 Ann Mariet spinster. Jacksons Oxford Journal 4.2.1809 died, in Upper Titchfield Street, Rev Charles Powlett late rector of St Martins nr Looe in his 81st year. His will proved PCC 17.2.1809 dated 27.1.1809 mentioned his wife Ann and his friends Sir Robert Calder and James Gunman Esq (nephew of his first wife). Rev Charles Powlett junior published in 1810 "A Father's Reasons for Being a Christian" and in 1825 "Christian Truth Explained" and died near Brussels (Standard 25.3.1834)