Prescot 21.3.1802 at King's / 4.4.1802 again / 9.12.1809 call on Prescot
The 1802 entries at King's must have been Thomas Leveson Prescott who was involved in John King's Portland Bank scandal, (see also Lathorp / Rogers, George / & Davis, William). A Lieutenant RN 1797, he married 10.4.1802 at St Marylebone Louisa Carter of St Giles Cripplegate (see Carter). The scandal came out directly after his marriage, see Morning Post 1.5.1802 for his disclaimer. His will PCC 1849, half pay Captain RN of 105 Marina St, St Leonards, Sussex dated 11.3.1843 left all to Mary Anne Prescott spinster. Godwin's call of 1809 may have been on him. His daughter Mary Ann was possibly the M A Prescott schoolmistress of Wigmore St whose partnership with Jane Knapp was dissolved (Morning Post 18.2.1822)