Prevot at Philips'2.4.1802 / 30.5.1805 Mde Prevot at tea / 1.7.1805 again / 11.7.1805 Me Prevost calls
Rev Francis Prevost along with Francis William Blagdon DNB 1777-1819 published Mooriana in 1803 but the publisher was Crosby not Phillips. Prevost's dedication to John Julius Angerstein DNB 1732-1823 suggests he may have been tutor to Angerstein's son John (Hist of Parl 1774-1858). The Rev Francis Prevost was buried at Fulham 28.8.1810 and Gents Mag 80/2 p388 said he was minister of the French Conformist chapel in Dean St Soho. I have found no details of his wife or family. Ann Prevot or Prevost will PCC 1830 could have been his widow. She had a sister called Elizabeth Thane. The name Prevot was usually spelt either with an s or with a circumflex.