Price, Job Hart

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Job Hart Price of Kensington proposed member 5.12.1783 by Richard Brocklesby 2nded Charles Ball
The only clue I found to his origins was his subscription in 1776 to Leland's History of Ireland published in Cork, which also fits with his seconder, Rev Charles Ball of Dublin. At the time he joined SCI he had recently on 21.10.1783 married Sarah Clarke of Ulcomb, Kent at Clifton, Glos. She was the daughter of Godfrey Clarke (will PCC 1774 of Sutton, Derbyshire who apparently left his estates heavily encumbered with debts) and heiress of her brother Godfrey Bagnall Clarke c.1742-1774 (historyofparliamentonline 1754-1790). She was about 36 when she married Job Hart Price. On 15.1.1787 he was granted the royal licence to take the name of Clarke and was thenceforth Job Hart Price Clarke, of Aldershot, Hants. In 1797 he subscribed to hawtrey's Sermons and in 1798 to Stebbing Shaw's History of Staffs as of Sutton Hall, Derbyshire. With his wife Sarah he had two children, Godfrey Thomas Robert born Feb 1785 and Anna Maria Catherine born Feb 1790. Their mother died Dec 1801, her will PCC 1802 Sarah Price Clarke wife of Sutton, Derbyshire. Her son died in 1802 and her daughter married on 18.12.1804 at Exmouth, Walter Butler, Earl of Ormonde & Ossory (Derby Mercury 27.12.1804 & Debrett's Peerage). Job Hart Price Clarke died 30.10.1811, his son in law by then Marquis of Ormond died10.8.1820, and his daughter died 19.12.1817.