3.6.1796 Price adv at E Mansel's / 21.1.1801 adv at liberate Walker / 12.4.1802 adv at T C Rickman / 2.5.1811 Price calls / 3.5.1811 again / 25.5.1811 again / 23.12.1811 sir C Price at Wardmote / 31.12.1813 call on Price / 3.1.1814 again / 7.1.1814 again / 12.1.1814 again / 13.1.1814 again / 14.1.1814 again / 18.1.1814 again / 22.1.1814 seek Price / 24.1.1814 call on Price / 29.1.1814 again / 27.12.1814 clerk from Ralph Price calls / 4.1.1815 call on Ralph Price / 10.4.1815 message from R Price / 20.4.1815 mrs & miss Price at tea / 14.2.1818 Price at Telford's / 4.11.1820 write to R Price / 18.11.1822 (Talfourd &) Price at theatre / 9.5.1825 (Talfourd &) Price at Lamb's / 11.5.1825 (Talfourd &) Price at theatre / 24.6.1831 2 Prices at Crump's
The first three entries were different and distant enough from each other to have been three unconnected people, given that Price was a common name. Then there was a Price that called 3 times in 1811, sir C Price, a Price called on 10 times in 1814, Ralph Price, mrs & miss Price (once), Price at Telford's (once), Price with Talfourd at theatre 3 times. and 2 Prices at Crump's (once). making perhaps eleven unconnected Prices in all. Sir C Price was Charles Price Hist of Parl 1748-1818, Lord Mayor of London 1802-3 MP for London 1802-12 created baronet 1804 (so nothing to do with Lady Price below). Ralph Price was probably his 2nd son (born 8.2.1780 died 3.4.1860 Boase) a merchant involved in philanthropic causes, of Chatham Square (next to the Equitable Assurance Office) in 1810, and of Sydenham by 1820 . David Price stationer and bookseller 15 Walbrook from 1791-1818 was the only likely person from British Book Trades Index
La.Price 27.12.1801 at John King's / 17.1.1802 Prices at John King's
London Chronicle 14.2.1767 yesterday died the lady of Sir Charles Price of Blounts Court at his house in Grosvenor St. London Evening Post 31.10.1771 yesterday Sir Charles Price married Miss Child of Richmond at St Margarets Westminster. General Evening Post 31.10.1786 John Buckworth Herne married dau of Sir Charles Price of Blounts Court. Star 12.1.1795 & True Briton14.1.1795 Sir Charles Price bart & John Jones Cpl 1st regt foot guards charged with "a most unnatural misdemeanour" (in custody 17.12.1794 Sir Charles released 19.12.1794 John Jones released 10.1.1795). Jackson's Oxford Journal 16.7.1810 at Blounts Court died Lady Price aged 85. Blounts Court was near Henley-on-Thames. Also possibly Lydia Ann who first married Sir Rose Price (died 1765) in the Carribean, and then married his brother Sir Charles Price DNB 1732/3-1788, but I could find no record of her death. There was also a pretended(?) baronet called Sir Edward O'Brien Price who operated as a country banker in Somerset