Randall, Matthew

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL iNFORMATION: Matthew Randall of Fenchurch St proposed member 25.10.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen, proposal withdrawn
Matthew Randall of Henstridge, Somerset clothier took appr 1746 (compare Thomas Ridgeway QV*) / Matthew Randall of St Giles i t Fields widow = Christchurch London 13.10.1758 Jane Cox sp otp / Matthew Randall free of Merchant Taylors Co 1759 took apprs 1761 and 1770, his son Matthew Randall born 1760 free of Merchant Taylors by patrimony 1791 / List of livery 1768 Matthew Randall, Lothbury / Matthew Randall Upholders Co Old Broad St voted in London mayoral election 1773 / List of liverymen 1776 Matthew Randall 111 Fenchurch St / List of livery 1776 Matthew Randall upholder Fenchurch St & Matthew Randall upholder Bishopsgate St or Broad St / Daily Adv 15.1.1777 Matthew Randall auctioneer / London directory 1780 Matthew Randall upholder 34 Lime St / SunFire 1779 &1781 Matthew Randall cabinetmaker & upholder Lime St / London directory 1783 Matthew Randall upholder 13 Fenchurch St / Gen Eve Post 16.6.1785 Joseph Warburton & Matthew Randall Coleman St merchants bankrupt, cert Ldn Gazette 4.10.1785 / Bath Chronicle 31.5.1787 Matthew Randall auctioneer Devizes, Wilts / SunFire 1789 Matthew Randall auctioneer & bookseller Devizes / Morn Herald 23.6.1791 Matthew Randall auctioneer 6 Nicholas la, Lombard St / Oracle 3.12.1798 No 4 South Lambeth Place let to Matthew Randall Esq.
I haven't disentangled the different possible Matthew Randalls or guessed why his proposed membership was withdrawn