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13.11.1810 Readwin calls
A rare name, less rarely spelt Redwin. Readwin I found only around Fakenham Norfolk where John Readwin carpenter died in December 1810 (will Norwich 1811 Nat Arch IR26/397/151 not seen), his son William carpenter of Fakenham 1769-1840. William Henry Readwin saddler of Burnham Market, Norfolk born 1788 Fakenham died 1860 Burnham Market. More likely Godwin used this spelling because he was familiar with it from his childhood in Norfolk. There were two Redwins in Clerkenwell Land Tax records in 1800s and 1810s, one at Vineyard-gardens (probably the Richard Redwin whose son John was born 1799 and baptised 1805 at Clerkenwell) and a Widow Redwin at Three Pigeon-court. A Richard Redwin was buried Clerkenwell 1824 from the workhouse. None of either spelling in Holdens directory 1811. John Redwin (or Readwin) carpenter of Chapel-st Soho voted for Burdett & Romilly in 1818. This could have been the John Readwin who married Ann Grove at Bloomsbury in 1808 and was perhaps the son or grandson of the Fakenham carpenter who died 1810 (see above).