Redman, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Redman of James St, Bedford Row proposed member 30.3.1781 by Sydney Hollis Foy 2nded Edward Bridgen. Took on Essex intract distribution. Vice-President 1784
His grandfather Capt John Redman RN will PCC 1728, his father John Redman 1684-1764 will PCC 1763 married in 1717 Mary Branfill, dau of Capt Andrew Branfill will PCC 1709 who married in 1681 Damaris Aylett (her will PCC 1722 Damaris Branfill). Pub Adv 27.9.1763 John Redman Esq of Mile End near London married Miss Smith, at Trimdon (John Redman = Trimdon, Durham 20.9.1763 Mary Smith). 1765 annual governor of Small Pox hospitals, John Redman Esq Mile End. St James Chronicle 29.7.1766 Joseph Rowland of Upton Hall, Yorks married Miss Sally Redman of Bedford Row. Gazetteer 1.8.1769 John Redman Esq steward at Annual Feast of Aldersgate St Lying-In Hospital. 1770 subscr to Dr Samuel Pye's Moral System of Moses. Old Bailey 23.10.1771 Redman's servant found guilty of stealing from his master. London Eve Post 27.12.1777 John Redman Esq on committee for relieving distresses of American prisoners of war. London Eve Post 22.2.1780 John Redman Esq added to Essex committee of associators. Morn Post 12.1.1784 Fri morn died suddenly, wife of John Redman Esq of Greenstead Hall, Essex, contradicted by Pub Adv 14.1.1784 but repeated Morn Post 15.1.1784. Craven Ord (Esq of Bury DNB 1755-1832) otp bach = Holborn 22.12.1784 by lic Maria Smith Redman of Greenstead Hall, Essex sp a minor with consent of her father John Redman Esq, wits John Redman, Richard Perry. 1784 subscr to Thomas Jackson's Sermon for Humane Society, John Redman Esq, Gt Ormond St. 1787 subscr to Jebb's Works. 1788 subscr to Bicknell's Patriot King. Morn Herald 6.11.1789 John Redman Esq on committee of Revolution Society (62 Hatton Garden). Signatory of Friends of Freedom 11.4.1792. World 16.10.1792 on committee of Revolution Society dinner. On committee of Friends to Liberty of the Press 13.1.1793. 1796 subscr to Joseph Towers' Tracts. Will of John Redman PCC 7.8.1798 dated 25.7.1797 "Citizen of the World of Upminster, Essex now residing in Hatton Garden" execs Citizen Lodge Batley of Lambs Conduit St, Citizen Michael Buck of 10 New Inn, my 2nd cousin Spurrier auctioneer of Copthall Court (his brother & 2 sisters received properties), & John Crabb of Shelley Hall, Essex "the Beast to be kept till fatted for the benefit of my good neighbour Mrs Crabb" son of 2nd cousin Benjamin Branfill merchant of Madras to inherit a farm if he take the name Redman. 3rd cousin Branfill Redman, legacies to be free of "the wicked swindling base imposition of stamps that smell of blood and carnage", £50 a year to his wife as well as her separate maintenance, Mrs French late of Harpur St £20 for mourning "and a set of Thom Paine's Rights of Man bound with Common Sense with the answers intended by the long heads of the Law the fatt heads of the Church and the wise heads of an insolent usurping Aristocracy", "to that valuable friend to his country in the worst of times Charles Fox member for Westminster 500 gns, to each of the two daughters of Horne Tooke 500 pounds", godson William Vincent of Yeominster, Dorset, three children of late George Smith of Trimdon, Durham, Elizabeth Wallace or her child of Rotherhithe glazier, various hospitals and schools including £5000 to Greenwich Hospital's boy's school, Edmund Jennings (QV* in Godwin Diary dataset) of Wright's Hotel, Soho Square, Ann Hall living in London Hospital, Whitechapel Rd, wits Samuel Favell, Tooley St Southwark, Benjamin Cooper Earl St, Chatham Sq surveyor, John Harris Old Jewry watchmaker. John Redman formerly of Mile End, then Ormond St, then Hatton garden died July 1798 (Batley, Buck, Favell, Cooper all SCI members). Asked his executors to meet every month at his house and "not to spare the wine".