Reid, Mrs

HCR diary 29.5.1842 re: Mrs Aders "I then called on Mrs Reid and began a narrative of Mrs A's history and I have no doubt shall interest her in Mrs A's behalf"
                    31.5.1842 "I wrote today a long letter to Mrs Reid giving her an acct of Mrs Aders' life and situation, from which I expect something"
                      2.6.1842 wrote "to Mrs Reid about Mrs Aders"
                      3.4.1843 "I called in the forenoon on Mrs Reid with whom was Mrs Jameson who now pleases to be very gracious to me after having in a marked way declined my overtures. I spoke about Mrs Aders with her today. She knew her history and said that knowing that she was willing to receive her"
                      5.6.1845 "A letter from Mrs Aders in which she mentions Mrs Reid. This led me to call on Miss Sturch to whom I told the whole of Mrs Aders history which she received with no prudery whatever. I have resolved to write to Mrs Reid and give her Mrs A's address. This may lead to an acquaintance that must be very beneficial to Mrs A: and in a different way to Mrs Reid also"
                      6.6.1845 "great part of the forenoon writing a long letter to Mrs Reid giving her an account of Mrs Aders present state, sundry items of advice about her journey and on the present state of politics - and I wrote a slip for Mrs A: which I dare say Mrs Reid will give her"
                   7.11.1845 Mrs Aders "She has written me a most grateful letter. Mrs Reid has been with her and has ordered 2 pictures giving her ten Naps as a retaining fee. Mrs R: appears to have taken a liking to Mrs A: & has filled her with great hopes. 'Too soon dejected and too soon elate' is her characteristic weakness. At all events this is a gleam of sunshine in her melancholy life. It gives me pleasure"
                 19.11.1845  "written to Mrs A: giving her an account of Mrs Reid who has been acting very generously towards her - She has ordered two picturs of her and gave her £10 as a retaining fee. I expected she would do something of the sort and my only fear is that she may do too much"
                   18.1.1846 "called on Miss Sturch not seen for a long time - I told her of Mrs Reid's kindness to Mrs Aders, of whom Mrs R: had written only that she was a very delightful person"
Elizabeth Jesser Reid (DNB 1789-1866). Miss Sturch (QV*) was her older sister. Mrs Jameson (QV*) was her friend Anna Brownell Jameson (DNB 1794-1860)